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Make your consumers be happy with yoCard today!


Mobile loyalty and discount cards management system opens an entirely new way of communication with your customers.

It does not require complex technical integration, business rules changes and additional equipment in point of sales.

Due to being very flexible it help in many activities - attract new customers, manage their behavior and improve their retention.

It works for large retailers, small and medium business, brands and so on.

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Attraction of new customer is 4 more expensive than retention of one existing


yoCard - helps you to retain your consumers with minimum efforts

how it works

Secure and safe

save system

Secure platform

Patented platform based on cloud technology guarantees your data protection

back office

Management tool

Online management system allows:

  • Set up campaigns, manage content including cards and offers
  • Analyze data for campaigns and customers
  • Communicate with partners for cross-marketing campaigns

user interface

User interface

Application is used by your customers for carrying discount and loyalty cards and coupons, instant loyalty points collection and redeem, store location, check-ins, cards and coupons sharing etc.

yoCard tools

Discount cards

Innovative service for your clients, provide store locator, contacts, integrated to your social network pages and web site

Competitive advantage

Minimum investment - forget about printings, monthly fee

Mobile coupons

New communication channel with your customers, put all your offers directly into peoples smartphones

Engagement with new potential customers

Offer sementation for different target population groups


Loyalty programs

Increasing customer activity in loyalty program

Social networks, GEO location service integration

Redeems loyalty points for offers from your partners

Customer activity and preferences statistics

Loyalty to brand

Motivate customer retention

Simple and flexible user flow

New communication channel

Setup and manage your programs online

Store locator

Run a promotion based on mobile technology

Cross campaigns

Engagement with new customers

Loyalty points redeem for offers from your partners

Save your time to find partners online without meetings and negotiations

Select a partner in your region

Partner offers easy setup

Manage your content online