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yoCard for Retailers

yoCard is tailored to place your virtual card - which may be a discount card, membership card, invitation to an event, celebration or birthday gift - straight onto your customers' mobile phone device.

When you register with yoCard you will have access to a powerful online management tool that will give you a truly unique advantage for keeping in touch with your customers by sending your best deals directly to them, including your latest news and bargain offers.

yoCard does not require any technical integration with your CRM systems and provides the highest percentage of successful barcode readings from a mobile device.

This is one of the best turnkey solutions for creating, distributing and managing mass volumes of mobile cards online, in real time. It takes less than a minute to create a virtual card with custom-designed capabilities, making you completely independent from printing cards, deliveries, postal service, etc.

Register now with yoCard to learn more and appreciate all yoCard’s qualities and possibilities; step up onto the ladder of success to increase your online customer base and bring about their immediate awareness of your products and offers.